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Use the tools that ultralight planes, gocart racers, snowmobile professionals and boat racers have. Get the most from your boating time and expense. Here at Marine Outboard Monitor we offer low cost gauges customized for your 2 or 4 stroke outboard. Our gauges and thermocouple systems have been extensively tested on a variety of outboards. Optimize the reliabilty of your outboard and your boating dollars. Many  outboard weaknesses can be identifed before a catostrophic failure. You could be left with a melted piston or worse - stranded out at sea. The single temperature alarm standard on a most outboards is not enough. Our system will tell you the temperature of each cylinder digitally. Set the alarm at your normal highest temperature. If any cylinder gets hotter you get an alarm signal. You can also monitor and set a low temperature alarm. You will know if the combustion, lubrication & cooling system for each cylinder is normal... or whether there is something wrong that is causing a high or low cylinder temperature. You will know before it is too late. The current owner's manuals and mechanics recommend that you remove your spark plugs at the end of each season and visually inspect them to determine if one or more cylinders were running hot or cold, lean or rich. Now with our digital gauging solution you can have a low cost system to check cylinder by cylinder performance throughout the boating season. You will know each time you start your outboard before you get out to sea.

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